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Partnership programs

Become a local Quick Devis solution provider Embed Quick Devis in your own programs Provide on line tariffs Sell Quick Devis only

Become a local Quick Devis solution provider

Quotalys is looking for local dealers in many countries all over the world. At this time, we have only signed global agreements for France, Canada and Morocco.

Quick Devis is localized in Chinese, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. For other languages, we plan to help our future partners to manage the localization process in order to have a product that matches exactly the needs of the countries for which it is designed.

Distributing Quick Devis promise a fast R.O.I. not only by the virtue of the discount offered on the licenses but also by the service Quick Devis will create (Support, Training, Public database publishing, customization, etc.)

Click here for translation tips to evaluate the requested resources to localize Quick Devis for your market.

Embed Quick Devis in your own programs

If you sell technical products such as building devices, programmable logic controllers, cable trays, etc. you may want to provide a tool to you end users in order to let them build estimates with your products.

Quick Devis Free Edition can be distributed freely to your end customers if you embed it in your application as an O.E.M. product. A complete protocol was designed to interface easily you own configuration tools. The exchange process is as simple as writing and reading text files.

Click here to view a sample of Quick Devis Free Edition linked to a Schneider Electric configuration tool.

Provide on line tariffs

If you provide on line tariffs which can be used to build estimates in the building trade, electricity, piping, robotics, etc. you can install our ‘Quick Devis Publisher’ remote technology to let any Quick Devis user access your data. You will be able to control the traffic and manage a pay per download service if necessary.

Click here to reach the web site of our greatest partner in on line tariffs.

Want to sell Quick Devis only ?

I you don’t want to assume the necessary business that usually comes with Quick Devis such as training, support, hot line, etc. just bring contracts to us and we’ll manage everything. Contact us to know what our requests are and what it’ll return for this kind of partnerships.

For further information about partnerships, please contact:

Pierrick Combreau phone +33 622 308 489

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